Saturday, September 20, 2014

Church Harvest Fall Festival Game Ideas- Duck Pond Game, Candy Corn Bowling, Drop Disc, Spin A Prize, Bean Bag Toss

Church Harvest Fall Festival Game Ideas 

Throwing a Fall Festival for Church? Well, there is so many games and different things you can do for the kids. Try buying some Christian Pumpkin Totes for candy bags from Oriental Trading These ones in the picture above were purchased there. They are 15"X 15" with 11 1/2" handles. 

 If you are looking for smaller plastic bags then try the Pumpkin Bags that say SHINE WITH THE LIGHT OF JESUS or the Pumpkin Treat Bags.

 Here was the DUCK POND game. We bought a little blow up plastic duck pond pool  and some floating ducks from Oriental Trading and filled the pool with water and floated the ducks in the pond. (You want to make sure that the ducks are weighted because if you buy some other rubber ducky in Oriental Trading it won't float.) These ducks came with either a star or no star on the bottom of the duck. If the kid picked a duck with a star on the bottom they got a sparkle head band with shapes on the top of their choice. 
If they picked a duck with no star then they got their choice of a balloon or an neon animal print hat.  I don't know why I didn't think of putting a Christian Pumpkin Tablecloth down but it would have looked a lot better.
I took a pink piece of paper and just drew a duck in a pool with the words up above it that said: 
"DUCK WITH A STAR*-Pick A Hat or Balloon"
"DUCK WITH NO STAR- Sparkle Headbands"
And I taped it on the table right next to the Duck Pond Pool so the kids could read it.

 Duck Pond Game was so much fun for the kids! They loved this. 

Sorry for the blurred picture. This was the Candy Corn Bowling game that was set up for the kids to play. To play the game, just tape some white tape to the floor and have the kids get in a line behind it and then let them roll the ball into the candy corns to see if they can knock them all down. 

Bean Bag Toss Game. The object of the game is to throw the beans bags into the holes. There was a table full of prizes that the kids got to pick from. I didn't get a picture of it. sorry....

 Here is the Carnival Can Bean Bag Toss Game. The kids got in two lines and then got three shots to try to knock the cans down. Whoever is running this game...Have fun....cause this will work your legs out having to pick those cans up everytime. lol 

 Here is the SPIN A PRIZE game. The child spins the wheel and if it landed on a RED COLOR then they got to pick out an animal of choice. These were Plush Mini Bean Bag Animal Assortment of 50. And if it landed on a WHITE COLOR then they got to pick from a Glow Necklace or a Blowup Guitar

 Here is the DROP DISC GAME. This was an easy game for the kids! We bought prizes like red wax lips, goo-goo eyeglasses, red fuzzy clown noses, stick custom propsmustaches, and glow in the dark lip whistles. The object of the game was to take the small little round disk and drop it in one of the slots. Whatever number it landed on determined your prize.

 The famous Soda Pop Ring Toss Game! This was always my favorite. The kids would take turns trying to get the ring around the top of the soda lid. Whichever soda they ringed that would be their prize! This was actually very hard and I recommend getting a bigger ring because this was just about impossible for the children to get the ring on it. 

 We had a drawing for the adults and for the kids. I bought some carnival tear off tickets and these were handed out to each child and adult when they got there. They would get half of the ticket and the other half would go in the bucket. At the end of the night 5 winners were drawn from the bucket. One adult won the Hillshire Farm sasuage and cheese snack box and the other adult won the Ice Cream Float box. 
 Three kids were picked for their prizes. One kid won the Nestle Nesquick chocolate milk set. Another kid won the Hershey's Smore's box and the other kid won the Snowman Cotton Candy. All the prizes were picked up at Walmart. 

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