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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Christmas Snowman Cut Out Craft For Kids In Sunday School Class, Children's Church Or At Home For Fun

Here is a simple and very adorable Christmas snowman cut out craft for small kids that you can use for Sunday school class, children's church or just at home for fun. Pick which template you need down below and print it out. Color the snowman buttons, carrot nose, and his smile. Then cut it out and fold where the snowman heads meet. Then fold the tabs together and tape. This will make the snowman to stand up on it's own. I made the one you see in the picture out of regular printing paper. If you use card stock it will be more sturdy.

Above template is the smaller snowman. This is the one I printed that is shown in the picture at the very top. This template will make a small snowman. 

This template above is a very large cut out snowman that fills an entire 8.5x11 sheet of paper. You will need to print this one out on card stock so that it will stand up right. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I'm Thankful That Jesus Died On A Cross For My Sins- Turkey Thanksgiving Cutout Craft For Sunday School

I'm Thankful That Jesus Died On A Cross For My Sins

This is a free printable cutout turkey activity craft for kids in Sunday school or children's church. Just pick the template you need and print it out. Have the kids color the turkey picture first and then cut it out. Then have them glue or tape down to construction paper. And that's it! This is an easy craft for small children. 

Christmas Glitter Topper Nail Polish By Glitter Lambs- Cute Nail Polishes For Your Nails!

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Pink Christmas Sugar Cookie Nail Polish

Go check out the glitter topper nail polishes. They are so adorable and you must have these for the Christmas Season.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Lord, Thank You For My Popcorn - Pumpkin Craft

Lord, Thank You For My Popcorn
Pumpkin Craft For Kids

I made this pumpkin template with and without words. Just pick the one you need and print it out. Have the kids color the pumpkin holding the popcorn and then cut it out. Have them make the legs into crinkle legs by folding them back and forth. Then just tape the legs to the back of the pumpkin. A fun and easy craft for small kids. Enjoy!

Pumpkin Eating Popcorn Colored Template w/words

Pumpkin Eating Popcorn Black and White Template w/words

Pumpkin eating popcorn template colored no words

Pumpkin eating popcorn template black and white no words

Candy Corn Loves To Read His Bible Cutout Craft For Kids

Candy Corn Loves To Read His Bible 
Cutout Craft For Kids

Here is a free Candy Corn Craft for kids to have fun making. I made one template that has the Bible so kids can use this in Sunday school. And I made another template without the Bible so kids can use this in school or at home for fun for fall. Just print the black and white cutout sheet you want and have the kids color it first. Then have them cut it out and tape the legs and arms on. A really simple easy craft for small children. If you prefer the colored version then print that one. This is so the kids don't have to color it.  

To print the template just click on the image. Then click your right mouse button and select print. These are made to fill and entire 8.5x11 sheet of paper. So make sure it looks right before you print it out. Every computer is different so make sure you check this before printing. 

Colored Candy Corn With Bible Template

Black and White Candy Corn With Bible Template

Colored Candy Corn Template

Black and White Candy Corn Template

Monday, October 20, 2014

Pumpkin Eating A Candy Corn Coloring Page And Cutout Sheet For Kids

Pumpkin Eating A Candy Corn 
Coloring Page and Cutout Sheet For Kids

I made a large colored 8.5x11 PNG printable cartoon image. You can print this and have the kids cut it out or use it for a bulletin board. You can also use this as a free clipart for personal use. Permission to use in classrooms and church. You can use the black and white one for a coloring page. Then I also made two cutout activity sheets for small children to cut the pumpkin out. They can glue or tape it down on colored construction paper. 
Colored Pumpkin 8.5x11 PNG Image

Black and White Pumpkin Coloring Page 8.5x11 PNG

Colored Pumpkin Cutout Activity Sheet 8.5x11 PNG 

Black and White Cutout Activity Sheet 8.5x11 PNG

Friday, October 10, 2014

Christmas Leopard Collection Nail Polish Coming Soon.."Unique New Leopard Spot Glitter"

Our NEW Christmas Leopard Collection will be coming soon and YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS OUT ON THIS incredible glitter topper nail polish collection. These will have the very unique leopard spot glitters in it. We are so TOTALLY excited about this and can not wait for you to get your hands on this!!!! (Glitter Lambs is my other website in case if you are wondering. We sell all of our glitter topper nail polishes in our Etsy shop.)